The Future is a Mystery.

$Mystery is the Future!

Unravelling the $Mystery

We pride ourselves as the future for a reason. $Mystery has been crafted after proper research by a team of Web3 enthusiasts. Around the Mystery ecosystem, there’s one word we continue to scream endlessly- EDUCATION!

Education is what we do and Web3 is all we talk about.

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Utilities of $Mystery Token

Quiz to Earn

Token holders can engage in fun and educative quizzes and earn rewards in return. This way, holders get rewarded for holding and for the knowledge they’ve accumulated in the Web3 space overtime.

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Access to Web3 Resources

Since our priority in the $Mystery ecosystem is education, we offer our token holders educational resources including articles, videos and access to content that aid their interaction in the Web3 space.

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In the $Mystery ecosystem, decision making is decentralized. Token holders with a particular amount of tokens are able to vote on different activities in the ecosystem ranging from quiz topics to partners we engage with.

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Token supply:


The $Mystery token tokenomics has been properly researched and drafted by experts. $Mystery is dedicated to educating users about Web3 while rewarding them for learning and engaging with activities in the $Mystery ecosystem.

How to buy $Mystery

  • Open your preferred wallet and fund it with some ETH on the Ethereum network.
  • Open UniSwap and input the amount of ETH you want to swap.
  • Swap ETH to $Mystery

Buy & Sell Tax= 3%. Slippage Tolerance= 4% and above.

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Phase 1

  • Social Media Set Up
  • Website Launch
  • Partnership with 2 Web3 Brands
  • Social Media Engagement Activities
  • AI Bot Public Testing

Phase 2

  • Partnership with More Web3 Brands
  • Whitepaper Launch
  • AI Bot Public Launch
  • Presale
  • Launch on UniSwap

Phase 3

  • CMC & CG Application
  • Whitepaper Launch
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Token Gated Content Launch
  • Quiz to Earn Platform Launch


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